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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration 100 Gallon Unit

Sale Price: $259.00
Qualifies for 5% Rebate
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The AquaRichUSA residential reverse osmosis filter uses an advanced reverse osmosis technique to concentrate impurities and dispose of them, provide healthy, fresh-tasting drinking water. The Reverse Osmosis advanced filtration unit is equally great for those who are economically-minded: get the same quality water and save $400.00/year by filtering water instead of paying for bottled water. Water purified by our advance system is even BETTER that high quality bottled water. Bottled water actually pick up impurities from the newly manufactures bottle that it is placed in, these impurities add taste reduce quality and may even cause damage to cellular structures of your body. The other concern is how long those single use bottles stay in the nations landfills leaching chemicals into our environment. The heart of the Aqua Rich Reverse Osmosis Unit is a Reverse Osmosis Membrane with 0.001 micron precision filter, which totally removes the bacteria, heavy metals, salt, detrimental mineral substances, dissolved matter, and chemicals that are found in tap water. Plus, if you purchase this unit with a filter plan, you can receive an instant rebate


  • 3.2 Gallon Tank
  • Tank Dimensions: 11" Diameter, 15" Height
  • Filter Unit Dimensions: 16" Length, 8" Width, 18" Height
  • Faucet Dimensions: 5" Diameter footprint, 8" Height
  • 100 Gallon Per Day (GPD) output
  • Incoming water pressure requirement of 0.1 Mpa to 0.3 Mpa (Mpa is megapascal) (PSI would be 14.5 - 43.5)
  • Water recovery percentage: 92% to 99% depending on incoming water quality.

Stages of Filtration:

  • The 1st Stage: PP Spun Fiber - For removing particles, dust, mud, etc.
  • The 2nd Stage: Granular Carbon Filter - For removing chlorine, organics, odor, smell turbidity etc.
  • The 3rd Stage: Solid Carbon Filter - For removing chlorine, organics, odor, etc.
  • The 4th Stage: is our unique purging RO membrane - For removing bacteria, heavy metal, salt, detrimental mineral substances, other dissolved matter, and chemicals found in tap water. This filter actually purges the impurities into waste water to insure a longer life of the 0.001 micron RO filter membrane.
  • The 5th Stage: Post Carbon Filter - For removing gases and to further improve the taste and quality of the water.


  • Reversed Osmosis System
  • Pressure Tank
  • Food Grade Pipe
  • Feed Water Valve, Tee Fitting, Tank Ball Valve, Gooseneck Faucet, Pipe Plug (1/4"), Screw, Drain Clamp
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel frame
  • 1 year warrantee
  • Installation and Maintenance Manual
  • Wrench & Necessary mounting hardware
  • Installation and technical support 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm Eastern Time from the Web Direct Brands award winning technical support team
  • All filters including the .0001 micron RO filter Filter
  • Available filter plans
  • To purchase replacement filters and other accessories, go to DIYReverseOsmosis online.

Warranty Information:

  • *RO Filter Housing Assembly - 3 Years
  • *Purified Water Faucet - 3 Years
  • *Metal Bladder Tank - 5 Years
  • *TFC Membrane - 1 Year

Click to Enlarge NSF Certificate Click to Enlarge ISO 9001 Certificate

Hidrotek 100g Filter ISO 9001 Certificate

Aqua Rich's manufacturer is recognized by the Water Quality Association and has been a member since 2006. The water quality association is a non-profit organization which provides product testing for the industry and acts an education resource for consumer information. According to the WQA it, “maintains a close dialogue with other organizations representing different aspects of the water industry in order to best serve consumers, government officials, and industry members."

$100 Instant Rebate Receive a $100 Instant Rebate with Purchase of a Filter Plan & Reverse Osmosis System Just buy a Reverse Osmosis System and a Filter Plan together and we'll deduct $100 instantly upon check out.

The Filter Plan Advantage - Save money instantly with one of our filter plans!

  • With all our filter plans the cost per filter is significantly less per filter with the discount growing depending on the length of the plan
  • Keeps filter purchasing just when you need it, no need to remember when it is time to repurchase and also prevent over purchasing for lower usage households.
  • Instantly save $100 off your RO Machine with the purchase of any Filter Plan at the same time as the RO machine.

*For residential use only, use in a commercial application will void warranty.

QB ID: R0-100G-E01-3.2S