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Filter Plan Contract

Download This Contract (PDF) (requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Filter Maintenance Plan Agreement

By selecting one of's automatic filter plans you are agreeing to allow Web Direct Brands, Inc., parent company to, to charge your credit card in the amount advertised in the plan selected at the frequency the plan specifies.

Method of Fulfillment: Web Direct Brands, Inc does not store credit card numbers and uses a reference number from the original transaction to perform subsequent charges to fulfill the filter plan agreement. Upon using this reference charge to receive money to fulfill the filter plan agreement, Web Direct Brands, Inc. will ship the plan's specified filter.

Unsuccessful Charges: If a charge is unsuccessful, no filter will be shipped. Web Direct Brands, Inc. will try periodically to process the charge after the initial failure in order to complete the filter agreement. Penalties may be incurred for credit card failures.

Cancellation of Plan: If a customer chooses to discontinue a filter maintenance plan Web Direct Brands, Inc must receive the request for plan cancelation no less than 30 days prior to the next scheduled charge and filter shipment. Cancelation request must be received in writing to 13100 State Road 54, Odessa, FL 33556 ATTN: Filter Agreement Cancellation. Any request received within 30 days to the next scheduled charge and shipment will not apply until after the scheduled charge and shipment.