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Water Filter Questions?
Reverse Osmosis Questions?

How Reverse Osmosis Works

Stages of Filtration:

• The 1st Stage: PP Spun Fiber - For removing particles, dust, mud, etc.

• The 2nd Stage: Granular Carbon Filter - For removing chlorine, organics, odor, smell, turbidity etc.

• The 3rd Stage: Solid Carbon Filter - For removing chlorine, organics, odor, etc.

• The 4th Stage: Our unique purging RO membrane - For removing bacteria, heavy metal, salt, detrimental mineral substances, other dissolved matter, and chemicals found in tap water. This filter actually purges the impurities into waste water to ensure a longer life of the 0.001 micron RO filter membrane.

• The 5th Stage: Post Carbon Filter - For removing gases and further improving the taste and quality of the water.