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DIY Reverse Osmosis Rebate

Submit Your Install Pictures and Receive a 5% Rebate

Often homeowners seek to improve their home’s aesthetics with updated fixtures, new carpet or a fresh coat of paint. Yet, one of the best home improvements can be done in your own kitchen. By installing an R.O. system you are benefiting your family’s health by providing clean drinking water on demand. Even though it’s not as visual of an impact as a new area rug, this improvement can go a long way in making a difference in your family’s life.

At DIY Reverse Osmosis we support the Do-It-Yourself spirit so we are encouraging our customers to show off their R.O. system installation. It may inspire others to take that final step to install their own! Submit your Aqua Rich brand R.O. system installation photos to us and we’ll offer your handy work a spot on our website. Plus, in addition to DIY bragging rights, for a limited time we are offering a 5% rebate to our customers who submit digital photos of their install via e-mail.

How Do I Submit?
Sending in your pictures is simple! Upon finishing the installation of your R.O. system, e-mail us your detailed digital pictures* of the finished installation to Pictures@DIYReverseOsmosis.com along with your name, address and invoice #. Then we'll send you a rebate of 5% off your reverse osmosis kit purchase (excluding the cost of applied tax or shipping).

Finally, you have the chance to show off your DIY work just like on the home improvement shows you see on T.V.

*By submitting photographs you are agreeing to have your property and all persons in the photo displayed on our website.